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Talia Weisz

Yoga Instructor

Talia Weisz is a certified yoga instructor and children's yoga specialist. She completed her 200-hour therapeutic yoga teacher training at Abhyasa Yoga Center, continuing studies in yoga anatomy with The Breathing Project, and multiple children's yoga trainings through Little Flower Yoga, Bija Kids, Karma Kids and Street Yoga. In addition, she is a certified Movement & Mindfulness teacher with Move with Me Yoga Adventures. Talia teaches yoga in preschools, daycares and elementary schools across Brooklyn. She loves seeing her students grow inside and out, building strength, balance and coordination, as well as focus, compassion and teamwork skills. She is grateful for the opportunity to help kids of all ages connect with their breath, explore how their bodies move, and learn lifelong tools for self-care and regulation.

You can learn more about Talia here.


Colleen Horan

Theatre teacher at Parker's Place and Hudson's off Henry

Since 2011, Colleen has been teaching theater to the very young - ages 2.5-5 years. Additionally, in that time, Colleen has worked as a classroom teacher for Olive Treehouse and in other NYC schools. Before her life as an educator, she could be found performing in NYC and nationally singing, acting, sometimes dancing, and generally acting silly. She holds a BA in theater from the University of Vermont, and plans to apply for her Masters in the not-too-distant future. When she is not teaching, you will often find her in her closet, recording voiceovers for the occasional commercial or cartoon. You can also find her with her 3 year old, enjoying the park, a museum, or making a wonderful mess.

Kate Rakowski

Theatre teacher at Rory's Room

Kate holds a BA in Theatre from Northeastern University and has studied at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. She performs at theaters throughout the city and has six years of classroom experience working with two to five year olds. Kate has taught classes in Theatre, Improv and Movement for students ranging from elementary to high school level. She has also performed children's theatre with CT Free Shakespeare. She is a firm believer in early arts education and is always excited to bring her love of storytelling and imaginative play to the classroom.

Our Theatre classes usually consist of warm ups, songs, theatre games and acting out stories together. We encourage the children’s natural tendency to explore the world through pretend play and to imagine what it would be like to be various characters in different situations. The children are given opportunities to shine in the spotlight, work together, and just as importantly, to listen to one another. It’s wonderful to see them actively engaging in telling a story, and having lots of fun pretending together!


Brooklyn Beanstalk

Full immersion classes, engage our students twice a week into French language exploration. The children learn the language with greeting routines, songs, movement activities, games, books and art projects. Classes are focused into specific subject studies to allow children to master new vocabulary and understanding. By the end of the school year, children are singing and beginning to speak in French!

To find out more about Brooklyn Beanstalk, visit them here.


Michael Harren

Head Music Teacher

Unleash the musician in your child! We combine music, creative movement, and musical games in these weekly classes which draw out even the most reserved child. Music class introduces basic music theory and exposes children to a variety of musical styles.

Michael has been teaching music at the Olive Treehouse Group for the last five years. He is an accomplished composer and performer, who is busy with his own musical pursuits when he is not teaching children's music.

You can learn more about Michael here.