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Olive Treehouse Group is committed to maintaining the safety of our community throughout this pandemic. We have been open for full-time in-person learning since July 2020, when childcares were permitted to reopen following the state shutdown. Since then, we have implemented the following protocols to help keep our children, staff and families safe. We have had zero cases of transmission since reopening.

What to Expect In-Person

Olive Treehouse Group is committed to following all new health and safety guidelines. Subject to change as CDC recommendations evolve and as NYC DOH guidelines are released.

A staff member will perform a health check (e.g., take temperature, check for symptoms) with each child prior to entering the building.
The use of masks will be required for all staff during the school day.
Drop off and pick up will be staggered to minimize the number of people outside the door at any one time. Social distancing measures must be upheld.
Food must continue to be provided by the family and not shared with others. Utensils will need to be sent from home.
No visitors will be allowed into the building. A staff member will meet families at the door during arrival/departure.
No home toys will be allowed at school, with the exception of lovies to be kept with nap items.


New Policies & Procedures

Each teacher will be assigned one group of children. There will no longer be “floaters” or teachers who see multiple classes.
All classes will be reduced in size so as to minimize potential transmission and exposure of the virus.
All children and staff will be required to wash hands every 90 minutes.
Any child or staff member who is sick or demonstrates even mild symptoms will not be allowed into the building.
All staff will undergo thorough training of COVID-19 symptoms and preventative precautions prior to reopening.
If a member of our community tests positive for COVID-19, the affected classroom will close for a deep cleaning.
Enhanced sanitizing products will be used to disinfect our spaces on a daily basis.
Whenever possible, schools will use outdoor play areas and maximize airflow throughout their facilities.

Olive Treehouse Group has also created a handy If/Then Guide to help our families navigate how to determine when your child should remain out of school.