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Teacher Spotlight

Sally Wall

Assistant Teacher, Parker's Place

With degrees in psychology and music performance, Sally relocated to the New York area over ten years ago to complete a Doctorate in Music Performance at Stony Brook University. For almost as long, she has been teaching music courses, and more recently yoga, within higher education. In addition to structured classroom teaching, she has been an outdoor camp counselor for ages 5 & 6, provided after school care, taught kids yoga, kung­fu classes & private music lessons. From this varied experience, Sally has learned the importance of sharing lessons with children about community, creativity, and self­awareness. After working part­-time with The Olive Treehouse Group, she is eager to continue full-­time as a Teacher’s Assistant at Parker’s Place. With the kids, she especially loves to build, make up stories, read stories and RUN with them at the playground. She feels inspired by their open curiosity and feels lucky to help them grow as individuals within their fledgling community.

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