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Our Mission

  • To create a clean, safe and warm learning environment.
  • To provide a daily schedule that is structured around rhythm and routine with room for individuality and exploration.
  • To focus on creative learning activities and artistic expression through dramatic, visual and performing arts.
  • To maintain a progressive, eco-friendly space (both indoors and out) and nurture healthy living.

We focus on educating the whole child. Imaginative play, visual and dramatic arts, storytelling, yoga and academic programs all nurture aspects of the young child’s development. We provide children with the tools needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Not only do we teach our students letters and numbers, we demonstrate respect and compassion, and empower children to make good decisions which aids socialization in a classroom environment.

A Note About Art

At this age, art is often open ended. Teachers model for children how to use materials, develop specific skills (like using scissors), and introduce them to various types of art, but we never do it for them. Although the teachers may have a specific project in mind, if a child wants to take it in a different direction, it is allowed. We also believe that art should be taken slowly. Too many materials can overwhelm a child who is working on a project. One material at a time works best, as it allows children to concentrate on one thing at a time. If a project involves multiple steps, we have the children begin with one material, and then gradually move on to the next material. The most important value in any art experience is the process of their engagement, not on the product or outcome of their work.