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Olive Treehouse Group curriculum includes art, music, theater, reading, storytelling, imaginative play, yoga, dance, gardening, nutrition, exploration (science), early literacy and math concepts that are taught in a creative and progressive way. Socialization skills are an integral part of all lessons; preparing students for ongoing classroom environments. Each year our students will learn through the exploration of broad topics that are then narrowed down based upon the specific interests of the children in each class. An emergent curriculum allows for teachers to tailor learning topics to exactly what captures the interests and imaginations of the children. We will examine various topics through guided activities presented in learning centers, and extend learning opportunities across multiple domains.

Social/Emotional: The most important thing we can do for your child during these critical years of development is to support their growing self-esteem and self-confidence. We do this by creating an environment that supports independence, choice-making and learning how to advocate for oneself. Children are encouraged daily to share information from home, to contribute to classroom conversations and to inquire about the world around them. Socially, the children are beginning to understand that there is a world beyond themselves and their immediate families. Your child will go through the important steps of learning how to be one of many, how to make a friend, how to enter play, how to resolve conflicts, and how to use their voice. They are supported through teacher modeling and by having the time and space to take risks, using trial and error as they learn more about interpersonal relationships and communication.

Race & Anti-Bias Teaching: Olive Treehouse Group is committed to acting intentionally in our teaching around race and diversity teaching. Our aim is to coach children to use their voices from an early age as upstanders in their communities, to not shy away from conversations with children because we’re afraid to say the wrong thing, and to further diversify our libraries to be not only reflective of our immediate communities but to also reflect the larger world around us. Although your children are young, they are perceptive sponges, absorbing everything around us. This is ongoing work, that has to happen both in and out of school, with home being a primary start for early anti-bias conversations. It will take continued dedication from parents and educators to teach our children to recognize instances of systematic discrimination and institutionalized racism. It’s our duty to provide space for all children to have honest conversations about racism, discrimination, and bias. When we do this, we’re empowering our children to use their voices to call out injustices, and hopefully, over time help them mold a different reality as they continue to grow.


Here at Olive Treehouse Group, you may find your child in a classroom with peers ranging in age from 2 to 5 years old. Whether they are the oldest or youngest in class there are many benefits to a mixed age setting. The pace of learning in our classrooms is individualized and teachers recognize and meet each child where they are, this includes carefully planning and differentiating lessons as one child masters a skill and another may still be progressing. A mixed age environment gives the space for children to develop at their own pace and support one another along the way. Our older children learn patience, high-level skilled empathy, and become their littlest friend’s biggest cheerleaders! Our younger children have a variety of role models to look to aside from their teachers and begin to quickly expand their language, social, and problem-solving skills. Older children get to hone those skills and build self-confidence as leaders in the classroom community. Children in a mixed aged classroom stimulate one another’s development as they challenge, excite, and encourage one another to take risks! Our classrooms are extensions of our family units which are all very different. We encourage kindness, acceptance of everyone’s ability, and working together to create a peaceful and productive environment to be proud of.