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Our family has experienced three different preschools between our two boys and Hudson's House is by far the best experience to date. The school has a wonderful, creative and positive energy that has been incredible for Ellias' development. He adores his teachers and the community has a great vibe that we have really enjoyed over the last two years.
— Christine
When I first sent my daughter to Parker’s Place, my husband and I were relatively new parents without a real community of families. We chose the school because of how knowledgeable and relatable Ashley Sobel seemed during the brief tour and because the school was nice and small. By the time our daughter finished her second year (as a Penguin), we had formed a truly enviable crew of local families, who continue to be our closest parent friends and lifesavers. The teachers have been patient, smart, strong communicators, who my daughter still talks about and wants to visit long after graduating.
— Nora
Our daughter has had a wonderful experience as a student for the past two years at Rory’s Room. She has adored her teachers and classmates as both a Rabbit and a Raccoon, talks animatedly about the specialist educators, their adventures and the classroom projects.
— Elizabeth
We love the community at Parker's Place and feel very grateful that our daughter is seen, heard, appreciated and celebrated at school.
— Pankti & Josie
We are forever grateful that our daughter has been able to spend her three preschool year's at Hudson’s House, and that we have been able to be supported by such a thoughtful and loving community.
— Julia